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Posted on Apr 16, 2014 | 1 comment

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Once A Week Mojo

So we have this weekly challenge going on hosted by our friend Janelle. She calls it the once a week Mojo.  The challenge involves using 4-predetermined patterns and weaving them into a single drawing.  Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes the challenges are rather difficult.  One thing for sure though – they are always fun!

Celebrating a Year of Mojo’s!

This week we are celebrating the one year anniversary of when Miss Janelle first started the Mojo challenges. And she had a fun raffle drawing to spread the cheer around.  Hardy congratulations  go to the following gals for winning gifts:

Shirley, Mommatrader, and Rae!

Here’s a few examples of their beautiful artworks from our Mojo Gallery:


A Sampling of Shirley’s Mojo’s:

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Sampling of MomaTrader’s Mojo’s

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Sampling of Rae’s Mojos

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  1. These are wonderful! Great work ladies!!